Short Film: Blue Suit

Film Details

Short Film

Date: 19/27
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Virtual Fest
Duration: 15 min 39
Year: 2020
Language: English
Director: Kevin J. Nguyen

Genre: Romance, Coming of Age, LGBTQ, Asian American, Drama

Blue Suit
2020 | USA | 15min 39 


John is a hopeless romantic who planned his entire evening around his charismatic friend, 
Henry. A blue suit, dinner reservations, and maybe even flowers. Its Henry's last night in Los
before moving across the country for a new job, which means it's also John's final
chance to confess his feelings for
him once and for all. Everything crumbles when John receives a
text message from Henry explaining he's behind on packing, forcing John to shift his plans and come
over to Henry's apartment. When John feels like there's a perfect moment to open up to Henry, he's
interrupted by a ring at the door. 'Surprise!' It's a horde of Henry's friends throwing him a going away party.
Growing more anxious as the night
progresses, John desperately tries to find alone time with Henry
amidst all
the unfamiliar faces competing for his attention. Between the deafening laughter, offhanded
comments, and quiet sobbing, John is left wondering how and if he can
still make his feelings known before
the night is over.



Venue Details

Virtual Fest

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