STONE | FRUIT  Director & Co-Writer: Brandon Krajewski   

2020 | USA | 1 hour 35 minutes

Russ and Manny are an interracial couple that have been together for a while. Russ will tell you it’s been seven years. Manny will clarify they spent two years dating and have been married for five. The two have drifted apart in the marriage and have seemingly come to terms with their decision to divorce at the start of their final trip together to Paso Robles, CA. After a wine-fueled threesome with a former friend, the two reignite their passions and animosities toward one another and ultimately reach the conclusion that divorce is the only way to salvage a friendship.


Film Details

Date: 9/27
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Virtual Fest
Duration: 1h 35m
Year: 2020
Language: English
Director& Co-Writer: Brandon Krajewski      Co-Writer: Robert Andrew Perez              Prodcuer: Michelle Opitz & Emily Beach Director of Photography: James Wall        Actors: Rob Warner (Russ), Thomas Hobson (Bryron),Matt Palazzolo (as Manny) Filming wrapped in July 2017. Matt died in a hiking accident in Australia in January 2018.

Stone | Fruit is dedicated to his spirit.

Genre: Rom-Com, LGBT, Drama

Instagram: @stonefruitfilm

Venue Details

Virtual Fest

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