Divine AF

Performing at JD Hamel Park on May 11th, 4:00 pm

Founded in 2016 by members Star Song (fka Kat White Star) and Claire Franklin as a duo, Divine AF expanded quickly with the additions of Super Novas: Lova Michelle Patterson (guitar), Suzie Hopes (vocals), Brittany “BeeTryx” Baldwin (vocals), Jami Sophia Gee (guitar), and Seanna “Seven” Makepeace (bass) into the MUSICAL force of nature it is today! We can hardly contain our excitement to finally share what’s been cooking in the Divine AF kitchen!!

This is music that brings you the heart of Americana, the depth of the blues, a slap of funk, and all the feeling of soul, Divine AF, a multigenerational, LGBTQ, musical collective will take you on a journey. Every song is unique to the one before it and every performer brings a particularly unique brand of energy to the stage. Engaging, emotional and intriguing, Divine AF plays with you, rather than performs for you.

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