Real name Kris Alvarez, Firstworld is a South Florida based artist and producer currently preparing the project’s first big release, a 6-track EP titled, I’m Right Here. Largely inspired by true events, I’m Right Here is a modern love story riddled with ambiguity and uncertainty. The story is chronicled through six songs, each one depicting a difficult and confusing stage in a relationship. In the pursuit of love, we often confuse or conflate the things we want with what we need at the moment, leaving us unfulfilled once the dust has settled. Despite only having two singles out, Firstworld has garnered over 160, 000 plays on Spotify alone. 

While many avoid labeling themselves, Alvarez embraces the term chillwave in both sound and look, albeit with an updated totally chill aesthetic, choosing instead to focus more on the genre’s early fuzzy roots reminiscent of Life of Leisure era Washed Out with a hint of Neon Indian’s 2009 epic Psychic Chasms. What initially began as an outlet to write darker more lo-fi songs has transformed into a full-fledged project currently boasting two other members, drummer Daniella Chamorro (formerly of Palette Town) and Joey Prats (Salas), with Alvarez as the principal composer.

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