Jordan Esker & The 100%

Performing at JD Hamel Park on May 9th, 4:00 pm

Tampa/St. Pete, FL based JE+the100% have established themselves as Florida’s soft rock staple. They consistently tour through America’s Southeast, bringing their harmony heavy show that climbs with emotional intensity and crashes with a harmonically rich ‘bang’.

Their 2019 10K streaming single “My Own Miserable” gained the favor of boy band and singer-songwriter fans alike. The following EP, “Normalcy”, delved deeper into the brooding synth and dark instrument-driven melodies lead by the lead single. However, ever the contrarians, the band has taken a sharp turn towards a sunny yet morose direction with “Bored Again (qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm)”. A summertime bop in the middle of the winter, Jordan wrote this bare bones lo-fi funk song in a pure state of spoiled modern convenience: wanting to go out but not wanting to go through what it takes to be out and show up. Right in the same room, the band filmed themselves recording the final take of the song, which was released on release day along with the song

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