Magic Sword

Performing at HMF May 13th 2017

Magic Sword is a multimedia experience created by an anonymous music producer and comic illustrator Shay Plummer. The project uses the combined power of music and comics to tell the fantastic story of the Magic Sword – a weapon of infinite power left to be guarded by an enigmatic character named The Keeper. Magic Sword made its live debut to a packed venue at the 2013 Treefort Music Fest. Over the next year and a half, Magic Sword brought capacity crowds to downtown Boise’s biggest clubs and shared bills with the likes of Odesza and Slow Magic. Following a series of street-level guerrilla concerts in Portland as well as four tracks getting placed in GoPro’s “Streets of Japan” documentary, Magic Sword entered 2015 to a flurry of international interest surrounding the act’s involvement with the hotly anticipated video game Hotline Miami 2 and the re-release of Volume One via Tender Loving Empire.

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