Performing at JD Hamel Park on May 9th, 8:05 pm

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, MeteorEYES has returned to bring you a magical experience full of light, awe, energy, and wonder. Their lush synth landscapes and driving post­punk energy will draw you into a world transformed, where love,  acceptance, and equality transcend the bounds of our current reality and usher in a beautiful moment of sublime tranquility. You will get lost in the smooth, silky vocal melodies as your heart pounds to the primal  beating of the drums and the sometimes twinkling, sometimes screaming cry of guitars. It is an explosion of the untapped potential within us all playing out in real time on a dancefloor of our dreams.  

You may have come here lost, but underneath the surreal lights and amidst the smoke and fog 
you are reborn. Veiled in mystery, MeteorEYES forces us to question the masks we all wear in society, and boldly dares to create a fellowship of solidarity towards basic human equality—and all while sharing a few drinks with friends. Singer is Shannon Fortner Queer Activist & Founder of HMF.


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