Performing at JD Hamel Park on May 11th, 5:30 pm

Monterrey is an electronic music project by artist-producer, Roger del Pino, from Miami. The name “Monterrey” came to Roger after seeing the image of the Mexican city while browsing a travel magazine in 2015. The bedroom project turned live act added three members in 2018 restructuring the project into a 4-piece band. Monterrey premiered its debut EP, Neon, in 2016 showcasing their knack for writing 80s synth-pop hits.

Their 2018 follow-up EP, Elapse, revealed a wider spectrum of electronic influences. The release was led by their single Make Me Feel, a track featuring a minimal beat over lush, arpeggiated synthesizers and Roger’s vocals looping the song’s title.

In 2018, Monterrey opened for local friends, Firstworld, on their summer “I’m Right Here” EP release tour. After spending some time performing locally and on the road, Monterrey now turn their sights to the studio to record their first LP together in 2019.


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