Sarah and the Safe Word

Performing at HMF May 13th 2017

“Baby, I’m the best kind of wrong,” croons vocalist Sarah Rose on Sarah and the Safe Word’s new album, Strange Doings in the Night. She means it. Since releasing their first EP Afterlife, the four-piece has played the main stage at GMX in Nashville, successfully completed a $1,000+ crowdfunding campaign, been invited to open for and play with several national touring acts, and been produced by Ace Enders (The Early November) and Bradley Walden (Emarosa). With a sound that speaks nostalgically of days gone by and a future that never came, Sarah and the Safe Word promise an experience like no other. Exploring sounds reminiscent of cabaret, vaudeville, southern gothicism, swing, and – of course – rock and roll, the band urges enthusiastic victi- er, listeners – to step inside, get strapped in, and prepare for one very, very, peculiar evening.

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